BMS Grant: Fitness Area

Project Summary:
In an effort to improve muscular strength and muscular endurance, the fitness mezzanine area must be updated with some new weights and machines. Most of the current equipment in this area has been obtained second hand or is outdated and obsolete. The last major weight machine was purchased for BMS in 1991. New fitness equipment will not only benefit all BMS students, but can also be utilized by all sports teams and staff throughout the entire corporation.

Undoubtedly, purchasing upgraded equipment will not only improve fitness, but also greatly enhance the quality of physical education provided to students overall. Muscular strength is a critical component to individual wellness that needs to be developed within this age group. Special consideration will be given to how to most cost effectively spend the money to maximize the benefit to students.

To fully furnish the fitness lab mezzanine area with productive strength building equipment that will bolster physical fitness levels among middle school students and staff. Modern equipment will revolutionize the physical education curriculum at Batesville Middle School into more fitness-based rather than unit-oriented.

Project Need:
Currently, parts of the BMS fitness area is being utilized as a “catch all” for some outdated equipment and more as a storage space than a workout area. This space, if effectively utilized, can be an excellent area for fitness development. Many of the components of the current weight machine are broken down, not functioning properly, or in poor shape. If this area is going to be truly considered a “fitness lab”, new, more modern weight equipment will need to be purchased to achieve this goal.

BMS students are at a distinct disadvantage compared to students at neighboring schools who have access to more productive and advanced machines at their disposal. BMS students deserve the ability to build strength in the comfort of their own school in a manner that is developmentally appropriate for their age, size, and ability. When upgrades are made, specific strength training can be incorporated into weekly lesson plans for students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade every school year.

BMS remains the most used facility in our corporation with many varsity teams spending time practicing here. This more advanced fitness equipment could be incorporated into their practice regimen as well. In other words, the benefits will far outweigh the cost required, as this area will improve muscular strength and endurance among students and staff for many years to come. Students will also be more knowledgeable about weight training prior to entering BHS. This will ease the transition to high school and will positively impact fitness levels, self-esteem, and confidence. This is definitely a grant that will “keep on giving” well into the future as every new class will enjoy the advantages the improved equipment will offer.

Project Timeline:
Funding is needed as soon as possible, but project the timeline is not time sensitive. The project will likely be completed in phases. However, it is high priority for the wellness of our BMS students and staff.

Funding Sources:
BMS was awarded $500 for being Silver Award Winner and top middle “Healthy Hoosier School” in 2014, the last year possible for this recognition. This money has been held in an account to be applied to a major purchase for our physical education department. We will utilize the money toward the purchase of new fitness equipment for the mezzanine area.

Principal Comments:
Batesville Middle School has a great opportunity to multiply the wellness of our students by expanding the fitness equipment in the mezzanine area. The potential exist to enrich the quality of fitness with new equipment purchased with the BCEF Grant. Knowing the commitment and drive of the BMS staff, the equipment would be regularly utilized to increase student wellness during and outside the traditional school day. All BCSC Students and Staff could potentially benefit from the expansion of fitness equipment.

We are aware the cost of fitness equipment is expensive but we have the ability to stretch any monies awarded to maximize the benefits for our students. Fitness equipment could include resistance bands, plyometric boxes, speed ropes, agility ladders, medicine balls and heavy ropes for plyometric workouts.
The mezzanine has tremendous potential that when fully attained will only increase the overall wellbeing of all who utilize it. Your grant will help us unlock that potential and those benefits for our students. Thank you for your consideration.