Here's what keeps us busy.


The fundraising committee is responsible for the direction and execution of BCEF fundraisers. Committees are formed for each event BCEF sponsors. In addition, the following standing sub-committees are part of the Fundraising Committee.

Batesville Brilliance Award

This program enables donors to donate a minimum of $10 in a teacher’s name. This subcommittee will be responsible for growing the program through marketing, handling teacher recognition, and publicity.

Annual Event

This committee handles all aspects of any annual fundraising events. Members will handle venue selection, entertainment, decorations, invitations, and marketing.

Annual Campaign

This committee is responsible for planning our annual campaign to raise funds for a designated project.


This committee is responsible for board recruitment and retention and for monitoring the need for any amendments to the bylaws of BCEF.


The committee evaluates all grant requests presented to them by the Executive Director on behalf of potential grantees. The members of this committee evaluate the merit of each request, consult the BCEF Treasurer to determine the availability of funds, and make a recommendation.


The goal of this committee is to establish a Batesville High School Alumni Association. The committee members will determine the direction of the organization, including communications and solicitations.

Marketing/Website/Social Media

This committee manages all marketing for the foundation and oversees the website and social media for BCEF, ensuring updates are timely and accurate.


This committee maintains all financial records for the foundation, tracking all donations and expenditures for BCEF and the restricted funds it manages. This committee is also responsible for ensuring that BCEF files all necessary tax documents each year.  Members are responsible for drafting and updating an investment policy to establish guidelines for the investment and management of funds held by the foundation.