BCEF Receives Large Donation from Bruns Estate

For the second time this year, the Batesville Community Education Foundation (BCEF) has received a large donation from an estate, Nearly $175,000 was recently donated from the estate of Viola M. Bruns to be designated for the general use of scholarships. This follows the $130,000 donation received from James E. Fritsch after his death.

The foundation’s board of directors is delighted that BCEF has been chosen to receive this donation. Because this money was earmarked for scholarships in some form, BCEF will be restricted in its use. We will be working with Batesville High School to develop plans about how to disburse the money to best serve our students as they continue their education.

It’s important for the public to understand the distinction between our different programs. We are certainly very thankful for these donations that expand scholarship programs for Batesville public school students. However, these funds have to be used for scholarships in some form and cannot be used for our general grants program. Unrestricted donations to our general fund would be necessary for that to happen. For now, we are excited to be able to help additional students through scholarships while we continue to try to grow our general fund in order to expand our support for outstanding educational ideas in the schools.

What a great way to begin the school year!