We help provide all Bulldogs a place to connect.

The BCEF Bulldog Center is a multi-purpose, flexible space at Batesville High School, complete with a Bulldog memorial, commissioned by BCEF.


The Bulldog Center is a joint venture between BCSC and BCEF— made possible through a combination of funds from the BHS building project and donations from the Mary C. Horstman estate and the BCEF Andy Koors Legacy Fund.

To honor former BHS German teacher, Herr Andy Koors, who passed away in 2017, and Horstman,  BHS art teacher Andrea Grimsley designed and sculpted a bulldog which tops a carved pedestal created by the Village Workshop, owned by BHS alumnus Brian Rennekamp. The pedestal portion of the memorial was donated to BCEF by BHS alums Tom (’75) and Dee (Amberger) Linkel (’76) of Linkel Company, LLC.

Flexible seating, the large project sponsored at BCSC by BCEF, is featured in the Center so the venue can be used for a variety of purposes. In addition, multiple large mounted video displays enable the space to be used for meetings or presentations. A portion of the furnishings were paid for with a donation from BCEF.

The Bulldog Center features meeting space, multimedia technology, and a “skybox” area for viewing of activities in the main gym.





The furnishings inside the Bulldog Collaboration Room at Batesville Middle School were also made possible by BCEF. Located in a convenient space for students and staff to use for class experiences as well as staff events, the Collaboration Room also provides a gathering space for community meetings.