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Past spotlights:

Lisa Haessig, Class of 1972

Branden Nobbe, Class of 2000

Lexi Eisert, Class of 2015

Jonathan Lambert, Class of 2007

Alex Dudley, Class of 2011

Megan Fitzsimmons, Class of 2004

Peter Heil, Class of 2015

Connor Kelley, Class of 2010

Bob Goldsmith, Class of 1980

Tom Enneking, Class of 1973

Anne (Ekins) Raver, Class of 1984

James Kranewitter-Call, Class of 2011

Lori (Harmeyer) Maple, Class of 2002

Steven Harmeyer, Class of 2006

Kevin Doyle, Class of 1983

Shane Tucker, Class of 2005

Jill (Hardebeck) Nelson, Class of 2000

Scott Gartenman, Class of 1998

Diane Tekulve, Class of 1982

Jacqi Hornbach, Class of 2002

Brian Rennekamp, Class of 1994

Bryan Hoeing, Class of 2005

Tim Smith, Class of 1977

Blake Walsman, Class of 2015

Bill Giltz, Class of 2009

Adam Kruse, Class of 2000

Ron Raver, Class of 1958

Michael Menser, Class of 1997

Elaine (Kops) Bedel, Class of 1970

Harry Tepe, Class of 1998

Mike Hansen, Class of 1985

Ariana Wehr, Class of 2007

Mark Osborne, Class of 2007

Bryce Mullins, Class of 2008

Andrew Kennedy, Class of 2007

Ben Kick, Class of 2014

Bobbie Brandes, Class of 1948

Jason (Class of 1994) and Kirsten (1995) Koch

Ben Baumer, Class of 2009

Randy Frye, Class of 1973

Jay Gehring, Class of 1976

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