Raising money for our programs and other BCEF needs

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Help BCEF build an OUTDOOR LEARNING COMPLEX at the Batesville Primary School. Donations requested by as soon as possible so we can begin to make plans. The total raised will determine how much of our plan we can complete in the initial year of this project.

Download a paper donation form here and mail in a check, if you’d prefer to not donate online.

The Batesville Primary School (BPS) continues to have increased enrollment. With indoor space at a premium at a school where our youngest learners need room to move around and explore, the BCEF board of directors would like to meet this need by building an outdoor learning complex on the west side of the building. Our plans include three distinct learning spaces: an open-air gathering/classroom area (concrete and/or pavers) with seating near the school, a shade-covered seating area, and a separate, covered classroom structure farther out with supplemental seating on a patio. All spaces would be connected by a green space with a winding sidewalk. A fence would safely secure the area from the parking lot. By providing BPS an additional, dedicated space outside that encourages creativity and personal connection with others in a fun, engaging, unplugged environment, BCEF hopes to give students the chance to LEARN EVERYWHERE.

Studies show that being outdoors helps students become: more engaged in learning, more focused, mentally healthier, and more successful academically.

BPS teacher comments from a survey conducted in the spring:

“Students need a space to have an opportunity to have a learning space outside the classroom walls. This will help to maintain excitement in the classroom to provide an enhanced learning environment.”

“Outdoor seating would be amazing. I like the idea of benches around the whiteboard, so teachers could teach outside and the idea of flexible seating options that students could then move around to work in small groups or with partners. I love this idea; students would really enjoy working outside!”

“If teachers could take a class or groups outside and teach them concepts in a different way, I think this would be great! There are so many lessons that can be taught without using a device and even perhaps using nature. Sometimes just a different learning environment for kids is the “attention-getter” they may need.”


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