Our programs help students. That's what we do.

Video instructions for students:


Students:  Please email your video to awilson@batesville.k12.in.us. Make sure your message is uplifting, appropriate, and 45 seconds or less in length.  Tell the BCSC family something positive or creative about how you’re spending your time at home or what you miss most about a teacher or staff member.

Please begin your video by stating your name, your school, and your grade.

Note: Not all videos may be used. Please get your parent/guardian’s permission before sending us your video.



Our goal is to positively impact the education of our students. Period. That means we offer assistance through various means.  Whether it’s a grant for a classroom, a scholarship for a graduate, or a school-wide initiative, BCEF is always looking for creative ways to help.


Here’s what we’re currently working on:

Innovative Learning
Scholarships and sponsorships


For a complete list of our past awarded grants, click here.