Reserved Parking at BHS

Thank you for a very successful 2023-24 auction, benefiting our programs at BCSC. Check back next year for updated information.

It’s a service to students + fans AND a fundraiser, rolled into one!

BCEF will be auctioning off reserved parking at Batesville High School for the 2023-24 school year. Spots may be used from August 21 through May 23. After that, we start over again!

Click here for AUCTION SITE LINK.

Auction will be held online from 6 AM on August 11 to 8 PM on August 16.


Here’s what’s up for grabs:



  • 16 reserved student parking spots near Door N for school hours (numbered 1-8 and 11-18 in above diagram)
    Door N will be open for students to enter BHS before school this year; however, upon returning from off-campus at any other time, students will need to walk around the front of the building, as in the past. The reserved student spots will make this convenient.
    Reserved for SCHOOL DAYS ONLY; 7 AM TO 4 PM
    Minimum bid: $100 (That’s only 55 cents per school day!)
  • 2 Bulldog Reserved spots near door N (numbered 9 and 10 in diagram)
    Reserved 24/7
    May be used by a student and family in combination; student may use during school and family use during school events. Bulldog supporters without BHS students are also welcome to bid on these spots.
    Minimum bid:  $200

NOTE:  The auction software we are using requires that you bid on a particular spot.  You are welcome to bid on more than one spot at a time, but if you win more than one at the close of the auction, you will be charged for more than one. You can sign up to receive alerts if you’ve been outbid. Winning bidders will receive an email link at the end of the auction to pay by credit card within 24 hours.

BCEF rules stipulate that participants must be 18 years or older to bid.  If you are a student and are not 18, your parent/guardian must bid for you. You must create a profile on the auction website and provide identifying information to bid.

New this year:

  • Buy It Now Option:  Worth twice the minimum bid, you can select this option to secure a spot without the trouble of being outbid.
  • Donate a Spot: If you have no need for a spot, but would like to support public education while helping out a student, please participate in our auction. If you are a winning bidder, we can assist you in finding students who may be interested.

Reserved parking signs will be posted at the 24/7 Bulldog parking spots. BCEF will contact the winners to obtain information for an additional personalized nameplate, which will be provided at your spot free of charge. Per a decision by school administration, student spots will not have signs or nameplates this year, but will have the number of their spot located on the pavement to designate it as reserved during school hours.

Any student parking in one of these reserved spots at BHS will still be required to purchase a parking permit from the school at their own expense for use during school hours.

If you have any questions, email BCEF executive director Anne Wilson at