Art on Main

Art on Main is BCEF’s collaborative venture to showcase BCSC student artwork for all of Batesville to enjoy. The brainchild of BHS alumni Jimmy Rowland of Rowland Graphics and Nick Maple of The Simons Company, the program provides artists at our four school buildings a backdrop on which to display their creations. BCEF is the sponsor of the series, providing the funding for the mural materials, while Rowland donates his installation time and Maple the use of the side of his building. BCEF board member Jama Linkel-Cleghorn is the project coordinator.

2021 Artwork
Theme: Bulldogs for Life

Batesville Primary School

Featured artists: Kate Shotwell, Jaeger Hund, and Sofia Garcia (all second grade) and Wyatt Moorman (first grade)




Batesville Intermediate School

Featured artist:  Howard Hund (fifth grade)







Batesville Middle School

Featured artist: Addi Froehling (seventh grade)







Batesville High School

Featured artist: Isabelle Westerfeld (sophomore)