Standing Desks at BMS a Big Hit

With just over $2500 in BCEF-awarded grant money in December, BMS special education teachers got right to work ordering new standing desks for several classrooms. The new desks are already in place, and here’s what teacher Meghan Fledderman had to say about how the BCEF grant has impacted students:

“We are very thankful for the generous grant opportunity that allowed us to attain the Alpha Better Standing School Desks. The grant gave us funding to purchase twelve desks.  They are currently being used in one math and one language arts/reading class in each grade level here at Batesville Middle School.  The desks have been very popular with students with various learning modalities.  Our students with special needs use them, but the desks have also been just as beneficial to students within our general education program.  We would encourage other grade levels to inquire about the benefits of standing and learning.”

Thank you to special education teachers Amy Fledderman, Meghan Fledderman, and Pam Moorman for their innovative grant idea.