BCEF Awards Spring 2017 Grants

BCEF awarded five new grants to the Batesville Community School Corporation at its April 2017 meeting, bringing its school grant total for the 2016-17 academic year to more than $10,000. From a new 3D printer that will expand student access to technology at BHS to an innovative writing program to be piloted at the kindergarten level, BCEF is pleased to announce the funding of the following projects:

BHS Resource Room to Receive Therapeutic Seating: Students in the BHS resource room will have additional seating choices that will enable them to more easily focus on their work through materials purchased with grant money from BCEF. Having chairs that enable movement and allow students to release extra energy will make for a more conducive learning environment for those in special education. BHS is matching part of the BCEF grant money to allow for even more materials to be purchased. This grant proposal was a group effort, collaborated on by BHS resource room staff members Randi Stirn, Nanette Foster, Sarah Jaisle, Katie Garrett, and Missy Merkel.

Writing Program to be Piloted in Kindergarten: BPS will be honing students’ writing skills at an early age, thanks to a grant awarded to teacher Kathy Gutzwiller. Students in her kindergarten classroom will learn to write in three different styles: opinion, information, and narrative writing, using the Lucy Caulkins writing program. If successful, this program could be expanded to other kindergarten classrooms in the future.

BMS to Replace Amplifiers from the 1970s: BCEF decided that after 41 years, the two amplifiers used for sixth grade general music were long overdue for retirement. BMS music teacher Leon Enneking received a grant to purchase new amplifiers to replace the ones that have been in use since 1976.

3D Printing Technology Expansion: A grant proposal for an additional 3D printer, developed by BHS engineering and technology education teachers Craig Hughes and Tim Mauzy, was approved by BCEF. Through a collaborative funding effort involving the Joan and John Hillenbrand Vision Fund for Innovation, BCEF, and BHS, additional students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) department will have the ability to use 3D-printed parts in their classes, meaning faster production time and more hands-on experience with this cutting-edge technology for our high school students.

Unique Interactive Video Conferencing in Anatomy and Physiology: BHS science teacher Taira Lynch received funds from BCEF toward two interactive video conferencing sessions through the Center of Science and Industry for use in a new Human Anatomy and Physiology course at BHS. Through another partnership between BCEF and the Vision Fund and some funding from BHS, students will be provided an experience that goes above and beyond a regular anatomy class. A kidney transplant and an autopsy will be viewed with a group conference webcam while students perform interactive assignments. Mike Weiler, Jackie Huber, and Kyle Laker from the BHS IT Department assisted with the technological research portion of this grant.

All grants this academic year are possible, in part, through generous financial support from Hillenbrand and Batesville, BCEF’s superintendent-level sponsors.