BCEF Certification Scholarship Program Announced

At the April BCEF board meeting, an innovative new scholarship program at BHS was approved. Money provided to BCEF from the estate of Viola M. Bruns will be used for scholarships for students who are working to receive certification in two technical programs that can benefit them after graduation.

Students were completing these programs, but not all were seeking that final step of certification in their field of study due to the cost involved with taking the tests. BCEF is embarking on a groundbreaking annual program to award scholarships to these students while still in high school. Just over $11,000 will be awarded this coming school year for costs related to select BHS students obtaining certification in the advanced manufacturing and AppleCare programs. Our scholarships will allow them to gain certification status and use this as an asset in gaining future employment or in furthering their education after graduation.

BCEF strives to assist students on a variety of career paths, and we’re excited to get this new initiative off the ground. If the program is a success, additional certification programs may be added in the future.