Accessible Seating Promotes Active Learning at BHS

With grant money provided by BCEF in the spring, BHS special education students now have more seating choices. Teacher Randi Stirn was able to purchase two active learning stools, two HOVR desk mounts (which provide students the ability to keep their legs moving while learning), and two backless balance ball chairs.

“Due to the diverse needs of our students on a day-to-day basis, the new seating options allow them to choose based on their individual needs/wishes for the day,” reports Stirn. “Some students will utilize the seating every time that they come in our room, and others will only need it every once in awhile.”


Learning isn’t just about lesson plans and curricula. Sometimes, it’s about making sure that the environment is just right so that the learning can be absorbed. At BCEF, we’re about every step in the educational process.