A Different Kind of Library for BIS

Because one day is not like the next — not to mention one student is not like the rest — BCEF recently awarded a $2,000 grant to BIS to develop a sensory lending library, enabling teachers to give students what they need to enhance concentration and learning.

Teachers will be able to check out sensory and calming tools that assist in self-regulation, such as therapy balls, wiggle seats, and standing desks. BIS Dean of Students Dana Cassidy worked on the grant application, along with BIS teacher Katie Hunter, ROD Occupational Therapy Assistant Laura Nagel, and ROD Behavioral Consultant Chris Dittmer.

“It’s amazing how a weighted pencil or raised lines on notebook paper can improve handwriting or that allowing students to ‘wiggle,’ stand, or bounce can greatly impact a child’s attention span,” Cassidy and the team said. “These items are needed for a vast majority of our students.  Our hope is to ensure the core needs of our students are met so we can dive deeper into instruction!”

Research shows that some students crave certain sensory inputs in order to get their brains and bodies organized to learn. BCEF is proud to support a school corporation that puts the needs of students first. Hats off to BIS for developing a different kind of library. It may not be full of books, but it’s important for learning, just the same.