Anatomy Students View Kidney Transplant

Through a cooperative grant funded by BCEF, BHS, and the VISION Fund, students in BHS teacher Taira Lynch’s Anatomy and Physiology II class stepped out of their classroom and into the operating room in February using interactive technology.┬áThe group used a Center of Science and Industry (COSI) program to follow a kidney transplant process. The three funding groups joined together to pay for the innovative program, along with a new webcam and microphone to facilitate its use.

Lynch reports, “The In-Depth Interactive Kidney Transplant proved to be a success! Students were able to view the taped transplant surgery and ask questions of the surgeon as he narrated for them. They also participated in labs/activities prior to and post the surgery experience that COSI sent to the school. Some of these activities included a simulation on how dialysis works, research organ donation, suturing practice, and an activity on matching a donor to the best recipient. This has truly been a positive addition to the Human Anatomy and Physiology II curriculum!”

BCEF is proud to be able to partner with other groups to fund programs like this that expose students to real-life applications regarding what they are learning in class.