BIS Third Grade Students Thank BCEF

BCEF received a packet of hand-written thank you notes from BIS third grade teacher Peggy Lyness and her students, telling us how much they appreciated the flexible learning space items purchased with our recent $30,000 donation to BPS and BIS.

Here are some quotes from the letters:

“The ball chair is comfortable and helps me on tests.”

“I love the standing table because I like to rock my foot.”

“My favorite seat is the ball chair because it’s bouncy and that seat makes me happy.”

“My favorite seat is the blue couch because it makes me learn.”

“I really like the rocky chairs because they help me focus on my work.”

“The new seats are my favorite thing this year.”

“My favorite flexible seating is the scoop chair. Thank you for spending your money on the school.”

“Thank you for giving our teachers the money to get us all these lovely seats. I love them.”

“Thank you for bringing the furniture to us. We all appreciate what you do for us and that is a lot of stuff. Thank you for taking your time and making sure we get the right stuff.”

Notes like these are why we do what we do.