BCEF Increases Flexible Learning Award to $20,000

Our third BCEF annual campaign this summer raised about $15,000 for the Flexible Learning Spaces project. As the BCEF board of directors was reviewing the campaign results and deciding on the amount it could award, BCEF was made aware of an opportunity to work in concert with the John A. Hillenbrand Foundation and the CREATE Foundation to maximize the opportunities for BCSC.  BCEF’s board of directors voted to increase its commitment by an additional $5,000 (for a total of $20,000) so that more matching funds would be available to BCSC from the other two foundations.

While the initial $15,000 was earmarked for the sixth grade classrooms at BMS, the extra $5,000 will be used for new items in the BIS Media Center. BCEF has now donated a total of $70,000 to BCSC for flexible learning spaces over the past three years.