Spring Grants Equal Nearly $5,000

The BCEF board is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2021 spring grants.

  • Fully funded was BMS seventh grade teacher Travis Smith’s request for a two-year subscription to IXL for social studies. According to the IXL website, it is an online personalized learning platform that combines curriculum, individual guidance, and real-time analytics to help teachers differentiate instruction. Smith shared this with BCEF in his grant application: “IXL provided its social studies program at no charge when Batesville went to e-learning last spring. I found it to offer quality content to be used as an introduction to or review of relevant topics. It was also used to differentiate instruction via enrichment and/or remedial activities. In short, I found much value in adding it as a resource to my classroom. Unfortunately, the school budget did not allow the purchase of a subscription when the free service ended.” BCEF is pleased to bridge that funding gap and award Smith with a grant to purchase a two-year subscription to IXL.
  • Partially funded was a request from the BHS English department for iPads and Apple Pencils to be used during Close Reading lessons, which engage the students in delving into text in a deeper manner. The equipment will also be used for other creative English activities. Teacher Paul Satchwill shared: “The iPads and Apple Pencils will be used in concert with the TV displays to work with the students in examining the text while they each have physical copies, highlighters, and writing utensils. This will allow our teachers to lead rigorous, top-notch instruction.” BCEF awarded the English department with enough funds to purchase three sets of technology for the department to share.
  • Partially funded was a grant application from BHS engineering and technology teacher Craig Hughes for new VEX V5 Robotics Kits for the engineering courses and VEX Robotics Competition teams. Hughes told BCEF: “The current VEX equipment will become obsolete in the next few years. It is my goal with this grant request to provide the best opportunities for our students and to alleviate the stress on the BHS budget.” Hughes will receive enough funding to purchase two new kits.
  • Partially funded was a grant by BIS teacher Tricia McPherson to create a student-driven monthly digital newsletter by fifth grade students. Her grant application shared her vision: “Fifth grade roving reporters will be in charge of all aspects of publication—designing, interviewing, photographing, editing, and publishing. This will allow a variety of students the opportunity to work on the project.” While the foundation did not have enough funds to purchase both sets of the equipment requested, BCEF will provide McPherson with enough money to purchase one camera and accessories, allowing the students to begin taking photos and work on their editing and writing skills.